Curacao Wall Diving, What is it like?

Wall Diving in Curacao

If you ever wondered what wall diving is like in Curacao you are in the right place.

First of all you need to know Curacao has VERY deep waters and Wall Diving can be both easy and somewhat dangerous.

Why Easy?

Navigation : Most shore entry dives are within a few minutes of gentle swimming to the drop off or the wall.

Meaning that swimming to the wall and selecting a dive to the right or left is all you need to do.

Navigating back is as easy as turning around 180 degrees back to your starting point. Easy right?

Why could it be Dangerous?

Wall’s or Drop off’s can be very tempting concerning how deep you go. Some drop off’s might go deeper than 45 meters and you might end up down there if you do not keep an eye on your depth.

Also depending on the direction you choose current might be helping you or against you.

If going with the current plan to turn around earlier than you usually would so you have enough air to dive your way back.

The opposite is also important , keep an eye on over exerting yourself when swimming agains current. There is no fun in being tired.


  1. Find out if the wall dive you choose has any reference points for coming back to shore. Its way funner to dive out and back in. Keep track of those coordinates and keep a compass.
  2. Dive within your capabilities. Wall dives can turn into deep dives very quickly so keep a good eye on your depth and follow your dive plan.
  3. Check the current before going to far.
  4. Keep track of references your way out and back in. Share them with our divers.

One really easy dive site to train on wall dives is at Boca Sami. You have a massive chain as a reference point that you cannot possibly miss. The wall is full of beautiful Coral .

Book this dive with us or come by and check out the place.

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