Kokomo Beach

Kokomo Beach (Vaersen Bay)

Kokomo beach has recently been renovated. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island. The entrance is free and the parking which includes a security guard is also free.

There are bathrooms and showers which you can use for a small fee. There are also comfortable chairs that you can rent.

There is also a floating dock at this location. This spot is not only a nice dive spot but also a very popular snorkeling site!

You can see the most beautiful fishes in the shallow areas and the current is usually not strong. Kokomo is also an extremely popular dive spot! It is a unique dive spot in the sense that it can accommodate all level of divers.

Both the dive to the left and to the right are beautiful dives at various depths. If you dive to the left there is a sunken pontoon that starts at about 21 meters.

You could also go to the car pile which is about 390 meters to the left and lie at about 35 meters. Just beyond the car pile you can also find a small wreck at 45 meters deep.

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