Curacao Diving Sites

Not sure where to go diving?

That’s okay, Curacao has so many Scuba Diving spots it can be hard to choose.  On the website we only keep a short list of some places we love.

Boca Sami (Our house reef)
Kokomo (Our Neighbor reef)
Playa Lagun
Playa Piskado
Snake Bay (Listed as one of the best Dive spots in Curacao)

But there is so much more dive spots its hard to keep track of them all.

Curacao has dive spots to do deep dives, wreck dives, drift dives, boat dives, and for those who just want to take it easy we can offer you relaxed guided dives where all you do is just follow us.

Once we helped you pick out a place you can go ahead and rent your scuba equipment at our dive center. We are really flexible and have literally very hard to beat prices.  

Each spot is unique and as you can learn about our team page we have a lot of dives under our belt so we can surely help you navigate your way in and out of the water.

Even if you just want the equipment and good explanation please feel free to drop by and we will help you out in no time.