Service Dive Gear


Did you know you need to regularly service your equipment? We can service and repair dive gear from many brands like:

  • Cressi,
  • Apeks ,
  • Mares,
  • ScubaPro,
  • TUSA
  • Oceanic.

Our Staff is certified and ready to help you also with your Scuba Tank visual inspections and can arrange for your scuba tanks to be certified by the proper authorities.

We have all the necessary tools and we carry most service kits for major brands.

So bring your gear and let us see which needs to be serviced and we can give you a competitive quote for all your service needs.

And if you cannot wait to dive and your equipment is out for service- no problem we understand your pain and will rent you anything you need.

Contact us now and Service and Repair your dive gear right here in Curacao.