How to start acquiring your own Dive gear? Part 1

How to start to own dive gear.

First of all one way to start to own dive gear is to just buy it.

If you have the means then walk into a dive shop pick up what you need, that is certainly one easy way you can get your own dive gear.

But now lets say you do not have as much “Monetary” resources. But eventually you want to own your own MASK, FINS , BCD , TANK , Regulator Set ect ect.

Mask and Fins

So start buying what you can. Personally buying a used MASK and FIN set should be done with caution so inspect used items well since items like a MASK might seem like it will fit but make sure you try it on!

Make sure your the used fins you are buying are not cracked or severely deformed.


Next buying a USED BCD might be tricky as you cannot tell quickly if the previous owners have serviced or taken care of the equipment properly. So Inspect all Metal and Plastic parts for corrosion and brittleness.

Fully inflate the BCD and try and listen for leaks. The BCD should be able to keep its pressure.

Test all functions of the BCD and all release valves should work without puling to hard on them. Check all Velcro straps that they still work properly and all CLIPS that they are not cracked and release well.

Most importantly even if everything works well. Make sure it fits well. There is nothing worst that tightening all straps under water and feeling like you will still fall out of your BCD or the other way around fully extending all straps and barely fitting.

TIP: Go to a dive shop and shop for a new BCD and try on different sizes, or let the shop owners recommend a size for you. Remember that size when looking for used BCD’s

Note: If your BCD is Weight integrated make sure the weight pockets belong to the BCD and clip in correctly. Pull on them and test how they release. They should never fall out on their own.

In Fact some BCD’s that are weight integrated have Weight Pockets that have to be intentionally released rather than just being pulled with force. So make sure you can tell the difference.


Check out our part 2 of this post where we will take about Buying used Scuba tanks and more.

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