Price List

First of all could Diving be any cheaper? Our prices are really that good, so book in advanced and make sure you get all the equipment you need and schedule your dive courses in advanced for the best time slots.

Most of all don’t forget to have fun!


  • Rent a Regulator set for $5.75
  • Rent our BCD for $5.75
  • Rental Dive Computer $8.75
  • Rent each Weight for $1.50 (per block)
  • Rental Mask snorkel and fins $8.75
  • Rent one mask for $4.50
  • Rental snorkel $4.50
  • Rental fins $4.50
  • Rent a wetsuit for $5.75
  • Rental dive light $8.75
  • Rent a Compass for $8.75
  • Trips: 1 tank guided shore dive (house reef) $45.00
  • 1 tank guided shore dive by car $65.00
  • 2 tank guided shore dive by car $90.00
  • 1 tank boat dive (minimum of 4 persons) $75.00
  • 2 tank boat dive (minimum of 4 persons) $95.00
  • Rental set for your trip $12.50

We can certify in both PADI and NAUI just let us know which you would prefer.

You want to know exactly who will take you diving? Check out our who we are page for info on our staff.

For information on what all these courses are about check out our courses page!


Our Prices are some of the best prices on the island furthermore we are like a family and that is priceless.

We do not have to charge you a premium so you can have fun.
That is why Learning how to dive does not have to be expensive,  so come by and check out our dive school and you will see that there is no better place to be in Curacao. 

All prices are excl.9% tax and are in USD